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Canoe Polo - basic skills and tactics is a comprehensive introduction to the sport. If you’re a beginner, it will get you up and running quickly. You will learn the right skills and tactics, not only to keep afloat but also to win games. For the advanced player Canoe Polo provides an insight to refine technique and broaden playing strategies.

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The following topics are covered in detail:

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  Getting going

  - history
  - safety
  - boats and equipment

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  - strokes and recovery
  - boat control
  - support strokes and rolling
  - ball handling

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  - terminology
  - tactics
  - defence
  - offence
  - play

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  Getting there

  - rules
  - training
  - drills

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  Championship results

  - World championships
  - European championships
  - Asian championships
  - Pan American championships
  - Oceania championships
  - African championships

Also available in:
Polish: Kajak polo—podstawowe umiejetnosci i taktyka gry from the Polish Canoe Federation